Утягивающий корсет Waist Trainer в Томске

Утягивающий корсет Waist Trainer в Томске
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It was great, now ready for a smaller size! I appreciate the customer satisfaction service Elza M. These waist trainers have actually changed how I look and feel, far beyond my most skeptical expectations!

From the first moment I put on the large size waist trainer, on the loosest setting, I knew I had bought a product that would do exactly as it had promised. About to order the small size now! My waist has never looked this small or so hourglass shaped. This is a fantastic waist trainer, and not nearly as uncomfortable as you would think.

They just help you feel and look good, and motivate you to move down those adjustment settings! But I still recommend it to help get you motivated. I wear mine thru out the day and during my workouts and relax that area at night. Ready to order a smaller size: Just getting started, cant wait to see results.

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The quality of the waist trainet is phenomenal! Great material and easy to use. It is very snug which is something to be cautious about when sizing yourself. I am absolutely in love! I am a first time buyer to not only Hourglass Express, but to waist trainers. It was recommended to me for post operative care, but I look forward to using it now much further than that! At first it is a little hard to workout in because it is new, but i have even worn it under clothes and it makes me look good!

Waist Training Corsets

The only problem is the places where you clip it on are a little delicate and one of them on my trainer is coming off. Love how easy it is to put on and how it straightens my posture. Overall I am satisfied with my purchase. I absolutely love my waist trainer!! I started with a large then work my way down to medium now just a month later I am in a small so I believe on the down about 6 inches total. I love it Valerie T. I need a smaller size, now. I can see results. It helps keep me from overeating.

The quality is amazing, the waist trainer was very well made. All in all I am very happy with my purchase and will definitely order again. I am beggining my waist trainer journey I am so excited. Thank you hourglass Karla P. I love my waist trainer.

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It addition to making me look svelte, it also helps my back pain. Recommend 2 sizes up! Other then that amazing Linda W.