Духи Montale в Старом Осколе

Духи Montale в Старом Осколе
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  • Дата производства: 08.02.2018
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To me, these seem to be red roses, blood red roses with velvety petals and no stems or thorns, as this composition is not green in the least. The musk and amber serve as a slightly animalic base, and oud is but an embellishment, like a dash of salt to an otherwise already excellent dish.

But I have smelled roses in my life, and this smells exactly like them, only more potent. If you love the smell of roses, this has your name written all over it, or poured into it.

I love roses, but not to smell like them or a funeral home. You get the bang for your buck. A rose by any other name, is just a rose: And where are the deep roses?!

Montale Red Vetiver

A little bit ambery also. Just not my cup of tea. Jul Kterhark Just for fun I did a line up before writing my review. It made for an interesting experiment, and of the three my preference is But musc is just magical on me, and deep There is something discordant here, when I breathe deeply I feel it. It lacks a smoothness and has an of-putting vibe, which I attribute to quality of ingredients. My summarizing comment is that this is a solid, middle of the pack fragrance. Not too strong, not too subtle, but also not too rich or too dry.

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Oct Gosha This fragrance has surprised me several times. When first applied early in the morning, I was suddently surrounded with ammonia! I swear I was shocked! Luckily the pungent, gaseous smell seemed to gradually give way to pure, clean, very natural, fresh, straighforward rose scent that has lasted for several hours.

Quite pleasant, really, but I was thinking how is it that it reminds me - once again - of both Musk to Musk and Attar? And as the day went on, I was gently touched by deep, warm, sweet amber.

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The bouquet of freshly cut, colourful roses has remained with me the whole day and now - close to bedtime, I am still getting soft nudges of the natural scent every now and then.

Sep slademd I am smelling my wrist. On the left one side, there is Montale Deep Roses Roses Musk is light with an intoxicating musk supporting the roses that floats in the air and catches the noses of people around you in the best way possible. Roses and Musk layered perfectly. Deep Roses is an intoxicating full and lush rose. Roses and Orange accentuated by a supporting chorus of aloud that grows deeper like a baritone under the rich alto of rose on the dry down as the fragrance deepens and creeps ioto your skin like a rich oil stains leather.

The heart is a tree. A lovely winter rose! Sep mutmiu This is a bright, pure rose scent with some musk and woody notes.

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A truly charming rose fragrance. Jun Aur-ha-kadosh it is a very sweet scent of rose at the begginnning, i expected more bitter and smoky, it was not waht i was expecting, i thought it would be darker!

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