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Darlene Kugler
Comment from : Darlene Kugler

Marissa Plata
Love this tutorial! Was the mauve mixed with the red madder for that deeper wine color? I’m trying this painting next week and going to give it as a Christmas gift! I just purchased all the paints I need.
Comment from : Marissa Plata

Jez Cartwright
So inspiring
Comment from : Jez Cartwright

USA 5GenMilitaryFam USA
That was amazing to watch. Thank you for sharing.
Comment from : USA 5GenMilitaryFam USA

Cheryl  LeBlanc
Love this although I wish you would put the colours you're using in the description.
Comment from : Cheryl LeBlanc

Amanda Wood
Hi, great job on this painting!! I can't wait to try it myself, can you tell me more options since I don't have "Red Madder, Mauve, or Oxide Black" at the stores near me, which other colors may I use instead? Thank you
Comment from : Amanda Wood

Sneha Biswas
Completely brilliant toriotul
Comment from : Sneha Biswas

Kayla Riley
Thanks for the tutorial. I was able to complete this myself. However, I switched the bottle to the other side, as it didn't make sense to pour the wine from the same direction I'm tipping my glass.
Comment from : Kayla Riley

OMG!! I didn't think I could paint this but you showed me how. Thanks so much!
Comment from : mspaige1979

Hiya Ghosh
Is the colour of the wine burnt umber???..pls reply
Comment from : Hiya Ghosh

Nishad Padhye
Which symphony is that?
Comment from : Nishad Padhye

Phil Howe
ps Adored the music great video
Comment from : Phil Howe

Phil Howe
just putting the finishing touches ,, really enjoyed painting this , tks for sharing!
Comment from : Phil Howe

Syly Syly
Beautiful painting!! I've heard that music before but I can't remember the name..what's it called please? Is it the Blue Lagoon Waltz?
Comment from : Syly Syly

Elaine Brand
Love it you are awesome enjoying all your art happy I found you tfs.
Comment from : Elaine Brand

Rebekah Awesomness
Just painted this and it was a success! Wish I knew how to post a pic. Thank you! Looks great in my kitchen😀
Comment from : Rebekah Awesomness

Lisa L
Really love this painting.
Comment from : Lisa L

Becky Mendoza
love this!
Comment from : Becky Mendoza

Cindy Chambers
I love this!! I've subscribed and I'm going hunting for more of your work. Thanks!
Comment from : Cindy Chambers

Akhilendra Kumar
wow I is really fantastic I am loving this painting☺
Comment from : Akhilendra Kumar

Comment from : CanDoTina

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