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Melissa Seahra
You should add water to make the background better.
Comment from : Melissa Seahra

Kelli Folsom Oil Paintings
Great job on that glass!
Comment from : Kelli Folsom Oil Paintings

Denis Ortega
Gracias por la enseñanza muy hermoso
Comment from : Denis Ortega

Kathy W
I would think that a painting tutorial for beginners would include a little more information like the ground and colors used, discussion of values, a little bit of color mixing, etc. But then again, that's just me. Thanks for considering.
Comment from : Kathy W

Maria Del Carmen Monzon Beltran
Realmente muy bueno el vídeo me encanta como pintas y enseñas, gracias!!!
Comment from : Maria Del Carmen Monzon Beltran

Jennifer Powell
I'm going to try and paint this but I'm confused about something. It looks like the light source is going from right to left but the shadow of the glass is on the right side.
Comment from : Jennifer Powell

afshan afshan
nice painting
Comment from : afshan afshan

Magulka Magulkova
Comment from : Magulka Magulkova

gatt be
nice bit of drafting ..
Comment from : gatt be

Maruthuva ulagam
Nice ..can u tell what is name of white pen?? You are using drawing vine cup..thank you
Comment from : Maruthuva ulagam

Ana especialidades
Gracias me instruye mucho
Comment from : Ana especialidades

seena anil
excellent work congratulations
Comment from : seena anil

excellent work, congratulations...is very good
Comment from : ruben7249

Alex groundy
Brilliant, thanks , what could I use instead of light Red. Cheers, Alex
Comment from : Alex groundy

Mahesh esai
Fantastic 👍
Comment from : Mahesh esai

Dee Casey
Where do you find the white pen to outline wine glass
Comment from : Dee Casey

Unboxing e Dicas
Comment from : Unboxing e Dicas

Vivian Curtis
Please talk and explain what and why you do things.
Comment from : Vivian Curtis

Maryline Chevalier
Serait il possible de l' avoir en français merci
Comment from : Maryline Chevalier

Gibbs Joyce
Comment from : Gibbs Joyce

Darlene Gallup
This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing. You have a very steady hand. Lol I will try this for sure. Your work is beautiful. :)
Comment from : Darlene Gallup

nazrul islam
nice bautyful painting
Comment from : nazrul islam

Teira Pack
What size canvas should I use?
Comment from : Teira Pack

Hoor Khan
love you ...thnks alot for teach us
Comment from : Hoor Khan

Iván Fernando Patiño Dueñas
Ese delineador blanco se consigue en casas de arte
Comment from : Iván Fernando Patiño Dueñas

Fiona Lu
Nice,thank you!
Comment from : Fiona Lu

Alicia S
I tried doing a painting similar a while back and my grapes were a disaster. I'm going to try doing them your way and hope for the best. You make it look so easy.
Comment from : Alicia S

Jay Geo
What is the instrument you are using to outline the glass?
Comment from : Jay Geo

Antoinette Baucom
How can I get this design?
Comment from : Antoinette Baucom

P'ra lá do Arco Íris
I love paintings of bottle, glass and grapes and this one is lovely, thank you for sharing.
Comment from : P'ra lá do Arco Íris

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