GPS трекер A8 Mini в Южно-Сахалинске

GPS трекер A8 Mini в Южно-Сахалинске
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Devices like this have been speculated about for many years and indeed used by various governments of the world for years.

Mini A8 tracker

But more recently companies and individuals have taken to using the devices. From a data perspective devices like this can serve a greater good. The tracking of a elderly loved one serves a useful purpose and backed up by SOS buttons its very easy to see benefit from something like this.

I had previously investigated building something like this in the past as an experiment so I was intrigued to see what an official product did and looked like. Its clear to see how small the tracker is: The instructions on the other hand are a different matter… While the Chinese are very good at many things, technical translation is not one of them. This product uses the latest technology produced from Taiwan. Small yet mighty, It features a long battery life, simple easy to use, stable operation and easy installation.

Mini GPS Tracker A8

While the device has a range of uses, the top uses are: Turning the device over Android face down slide the cover back to reveal the SIM tray.

Once a SIM card has been inserted the system will begin its boot process. You will see a light illuminate for approximately 10 seconds. Once this light has been extinguished replace the cover. To do this simply dial the number connected to the SIM you inserted, the tracker should answer and after approximately 5 seconds you should be able to hear up to approximately 10 meters from the tracker.

How use FreedomPop with A8 Mini Android GPS Tracker?

Sound Controlled Call Back: One advantage of the A8 that It can ring you when when noise around the device exceeds 45 DB. To configure this, ring from the phone you wish to the A8 to call you, once connected to the tracker wait 3 seconds and then hang up. After a few minutes the A8 will respond with the GPS co-ordinates. From the phone you wish to receive SOS calls from.

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After 3 seconds press the SOS button on the A8 to test this functionality. The indicator should flash and the phone should ring. Before initial use, please ensure you fully charge the device, A 5.

If your not able to interact with the A8 Device try removing the SIM card, reinserting and recharging before next use.